Friday, June 3, 2011

five minute friday - "everyday"

Everyday is a challenge, a battle to be thankful, patient, kind. Somedays I win the battle with my hands tied behind my back, and other days I crash onto my pillow and think "what is the use?"

But I am learning that everyday is a gift, and as I keep that in mind it is easier to win the battles, to take every thought captive.  Complaining is easy.  I could probably do it in my sleep. Gratitude? Joy? Appreication? That is a choice.  But like any habit, it gets easier the more I practice it.

I want my sons to grow up in a home that recognizes the blessings of everyday, but how can I impart those lessons unless I am learning them myself?  So I will be thankful for the dishwasher to load or unload, the laundry that never ends, the meals that need to be cooked, the books to be read, the noses to wipe, the Play-doh to "decrust" off of every imaginable surface, the songs about frogs and trucks and Jesus and monkeys.  Everyday. Every day.

(This is my first time joining the gypsy mama for 5 minute Friday - click the button for how it works.)


  1. Love this! Beautiful reminder to my heart.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Melanie :)

  2. I echo Melanie - Love this! Someone once asked me if I wanted to endure today, or enjoy it. Wow did that hit me hard. I always want my children to know that I enjoy them and all the stuff that comes with them. All of it - good or bad. Because it's part of them. So I try every day to enjoy and not endure. Some days I succeed wildly, others the failure is on just as massive a scale. But God is always there. And He has been faithful to make it so that I can say "every" day, with multiple days stretching out like endless birthday gifts from my Father. Thanks for sharing today. Glad you decided to join in! Smiles -

  3. These choices - gratitude or the contrary -- are sometimes the hardest to discern between even when we know which is best. I hear you on this!

  4. Glad you stopped by to join in the fun. Love your tagline...and I'm a so there with you regarding an occasional run-on!

  5. Every day's are hard to grasp with gratitude when there are young ones to care for! But those days are precious when we look back at them aren't they!

  6. There's a button? Where did you find the button?

    Not surprisingly, I wrote along similar lines. I like how you wove in gratitude. I've been practicing gratitude and experiencing much needed heart-change.

    I took a hiatus from blogging-both reading and writing. Yours is one of the few I've kept up with, but I still feel like I "miss" you. Is it possible to miss "invisible friends"? The internet has given us far too many conundrums....*hugs* from a faraway invisible friend. :)

  7. love this! i definitely needed to hear this today. thank you


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