Friday, June 10, 2011

five minute friday - "backwards"

joining with the gypsy mama again for five minute Friday - the "teacher" in me loves the five minute free write on a broad topic - check out her blog for details on how to join the fun.  This week's assignment: backwards


I've been known to eat donuts for dinner and leftover mac-n-cheese for breakfast (wouldn't you agree that mac-n-cheese is always better on day 2?), so doing things backwards SHOULD come more naturally to me.
I had a plan. College. Marriage. Career. Babies. Success...errr the easy-white-picket-fence-life.

But somewhere the plans got jumbled. College. Career. Marriage. Grad school. Career. Babies... still missing that picket fence.  I did things according to how the world says I should, but somehow it seems like in some ways I have taken steps backwards - at least in terms of finances and how-to-live-the-good-life.  Medical bills will do that with two NICU babies. Failed plans will do that, too. And closed doors.
But maybe my idea of the good life was backwards, too.


Maybe the here and now craziness making-ends-meet-kind-of-trust is the good-life, too.

(had to finish my thought after the timer :) )


  1. What a cute picture! :) Sometimes I think we DO get our idea of the "picket-fence life" backwards. We listen to what the world says is the right path instead of watching God for his cues. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That is a great hanging thought...maybe my idea of the good life was backwards, too. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love pizza for breakfast. Bet mac and cheese is great too.

  4. Girl, your honesty is so refreshing! Would love to see you at Soli Deo Gloria at Finding Heaven!!

    And, I've so lived that trusting-to-make-ends meet life and my trust in God has grown to new heights, even if it can be hard in the moment.


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