Friday, June 24, 2011

Bubby's first baseball game

Late this afternoon Me (aka Auntie Missa) and Chow (aka Uncle Fman) gave me a call.  They were going to a minor league baseball game with Chow's work, and wanted to know if Bubby wanted to go with.  Yes he did (I decided for him).  Both Bubby and Bugaboo boycotted naps for the second day in a row, and The Hubs was counseling an hour away on tonight into much of the evening. 
They swung by, I packed up a bag, Chow loaded up the carseat, and Me got Bubby dressed in a red shirt (sadly his baseball shirts were all in the dirty clothes pile).
And my baby was off to dinner and a baseball game with his auntie and uncle.

I had just a few moments of panic - not at all about Chow and Me taking care of him because they are awesome and aware - but that Bubby was going to a crowded place to do a "big kid" thing without Mommy and Daddy. Big step for Mommy.
But Mommy survived.  My dear Bugaboo napped for an additional fifteen minutes this evening. (sigh) And Bubby was well behaved and had a good time.

He is definitely not a baby any more.


  1. We weren't sure JDaniel could handle a ball game. Bubby did so well.

  2. That's funny. When I saw those pictures on Facebook, I thought the same thing...that it was like he was socializing without you! That he had his own life now!


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