Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what are the MacBoys up to?

In less than ONE month, Bubby will turn two! I can't even think about it right now.

So what are the boys up to these days?
  • sleeping through the night consistently from about 1030ish to at least 7:00 - sometimes 7:30 - and if I am REALLY lucky 8:00. But usually around 7:00. won.der.ful
  • his hair is getting lighter, though it is still brown (even though it shows up slightly reddish in some pictures)
  • smiling more.
  • rolling occasionally front to back
  •  desperately wanting to roll back to front
  • getting better at tracking
  • trying to scoot - doesn't get very far - though he does move a little bit - and the other night he turned himself 90 degrees in his bed
  • moved out of the bassinet portion into the regular portion of the pack'n'play (yes, he is still in our room)
  • went to the nursery for the first time this weekend at MOPS and then Sunday at church - I had a really easy time not worrying about it because Mrs. G (my former professor-Dr. G's wife) was in there
  • loves smiling at/"talking" to his big brother
  • learning more names of people - was talking about his friend, Luke, yesterday :) and then after MOPS today he kept saying "Cody, Addie" which were two kiddos in nursery today
  • learning more letters from his blocks/books/toys
  • new song this week - "This Little Light of Mine," which he calls, "Shine" - he likes the part where we hide the candle and the part where we blow it out best
  • getting so much better at using a fork - I seriously think the fork usage is going much better than the spoon usage
  • will have a speech assessment on Friday
  • loves to pretend to talk on the phone - he especially loves to pretend call Babu, Boppy, Mimi, Sasha, and Airy...aka Erinn
  • is fascinated with the toilet - as in trying to throw things into it - we need the space-toilet contraption from BabyMama
  • is now being given the consequence of the "naughty rug" when he disobeys - so far the first 24 hours of using it have gone decent 

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