Thursday, May 26, 2011

convoy of hope

We bring water and other supplies
and write a check
but it doesn't feel like
So many have lost everything they own
and worse
so many have lost too many that they love.

And I sit on my computer with my roof
and my couch  and my clothes
and my comfort
and two little boys
that keep me from driving the hour to pick up debris
that used to be someone's life.

So I'll do what I can from here
and ask that you do what you can from where you are, too.


  1. so sad. I have a friend in Joplin and she said it hit 4 blocks from her house. Her 4 year old daughter sang while they sat in the basement to wait out the storm.

  2. thank you, beautiful heart, for reminding me to love on a broken world...


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