Friday, May 6, 2011

some randomness

Want to read a great engagement story? This gal made me laugh.

This gal made me want to go shopping and on vacation. sigh. My summer wardrobe is severely lacking.

Yesterday was an EXCELLENT Thursday.  I had errands to run, but I didn't because the boys were SOOOO good that I didn't want to mess up the goodness.  Therefore, everyone's Mother's Day cards will probably arrive Monday or Tuesday.  Oops! Sorry.

Bugaboo napped twice yesterday. Bubby played with his legos independently.  The boys "played" nicely together (which means Bugaboo wasn't fussy and Bubby didn't poke him in the eye.) Bubby and I had play-do time.  I made dinner AND an iced lemon pound cake because The Hubs would get a slice of it at Starbucks everyday with a peppermint mocha frap double blended everyday if we were rich.  I have never made a poundcake, and it turned out pretty much perfect.

I am reading three books at once thanks to my awesome public library.  The Help, Radical, and One Thousand Gifts.  Reading happens when the stars align and the boys nap simultaneously and my housework is (mostly) done.

There was another bug yesterday that met his match with me and the Swiffer.  It was smaller and not quite so nasty. But he was on Bubby's ceiling, so he had to be dealt with.  Bubby then spent the next five minutes imitating me by raising the Swiffer over his head.

I better get out of my cupcake pajama pants.  Bubby's speech assessment is at ten, and I have things that need to be done.

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