Sunday, May 22, 2011


I had a post mostly drafted before tonight's storms, and I hesitated finishing/posting amidst all the tornado devastation going on not-so-far-from-here. But the storms are a reminder that life is short. So short. So I will write and share.

I am done sitting on the sidelines of insecurity and excuses, and I want to be used for the kingdom.
Pastor Jennifer's message, Andy Stanley's video, Francis Chan clips, books I have been reading this month, conversations I have had ---  I want to be intentional with my thirties - not in a Bible-thumping way, but in relationships and in the words I speak/write. I spent much of the last six-ten years saying, "When such-and-such happens, I will ______." I don't want to waste my life.
I am getting glimpses at some of the details - or maybe details isn't the best description. I am getting a clearer vision.  Nothing has changed in my outer circumstances. Same location, same situations, but each day is becoming more of a gift, or rather, each day I am REALIZING the gifts I have been given and that I am called to be available and willing to serve and give right where I am. I want this transformation to continue.

Please keep our Missouri friends in your prayers as so many have lost so much.

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