Monday, May 2, 2011

it's never too late to be thankful (MM 550-568)

For a few months now, I have been doing my gratitude list on this blog every Monday.  It helped my
Mondays to pause and be thankful. But this last week I started jotting them down (almost) daily in a simple spiral notebook.  It is hard to be down for too long when at some point during the day I have to stop and think of the good things, the simple things.
continuing to join with Ann's community
550.frosted sugar cookies
551. sounds of Bubby napping
552. huge box of diapers in the mail
553. great deal on Cheerios and paper towels - both of which we go through quickly
554. answer to prayer
555. March of Dimes walk donations - and remembering WHY I walk - for Bubby and Bugaboo and their friends, Luke and Caleb
556. seeds
557. calm in stressful moments
558. a couple of days with sunshine
559. a walk in the park
560. learning to control negative thoughts
561. making it to MOPS and hearing just what I needed from Pastor Jennifer
562.  the sweet ladies in the nursery who make it easier for me to put Bugaboo in the nursery for the first time
563. Saturday evening with friends of The Hubs
564. conversation with new friend who can relate
565. clean sheets
566. daily load of laundry eliminating stress
567. remembering the fingerprints and lip prints and Cheerio crumbs on the coffee table are just for a season - enjoy EVERY baby/toddler moment
568. justice served


  1. 569. Got invited to join Pinterest and started pinning away!


  2. I have fingerprints everywhere. They reveal where my son has been during the day.

  3. Love 557 and 560--working on those too! Enjoyed your list. Blessings on your day!


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