Monday, May 30, 2011

birthday and dedication (and MM630-650)

The weekend was a whirlwind of festivities, celebrating, and food.  My boys are blessed to have so many people who love them.

630. safety and shelter
631. more than enough
632. winning a Dayspring giveaway
633. reading to first and second graders
634. clean bathrooms
635. Convoy of Hope
636. new steps towards new connections
637. my dishwasher
638. The Hubs mowing and weeding
639. friends and family who share in our celebrations
640. looking out and seeing a great church family
641. amazing, yet emotional, intergenerational service
642. the seriosness and sacredness of vows and promises
643. late night discussions with my mom and The Hubs
644. continued peace about closed doors
645. true joy (though bittersweet) for the open doors for so many this upcoming summer/fall
646. sound of a viola
647. His Eye Is On The Sparrow and the memories that song evokes
648. two years of Bubby in our world
649. Babu running with/pushing Bubby on his new trike chasing Sasha and the squeals of delight in such simplicity
650. overwhelming emotions when thinking that God trusts me enough to bless me the way He has and given me the responsibilty of being mommy


  1. 650 amazes me totally! Wonderful pictures!

  2. Happy birthday! 2 is a wonderful wonderful age!

    I love it. So beautiful.

  3. great list, beautiful pics! looks like a busy life filled with activity and joy. blessings.


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