Monday, April 4, 2011

tripping over lint

Never ask your toddler, "Guess who's coming to see you in a little bit?"  unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences.
I asked Bubby this just minutes before his physical therapy/our IEP meeting today.  His answer was Babu. (what he calls my mom)
Wrong answer, kiddo. Grandma lives in Illinois and is teaching, which is difficult to explain to a 22-month old.  So he had a meltdown, crying, "Babu!  Baaaabuuuu!  Babu!" right when Miss Tara (the PT and the correct answer) and the service coordinator showed up on my doorstep.  Lovely.
Luckily he loves Miss Tara and was pretty excited to see her (though not as thrilled as he would have been to see some grandparents).
Other highlights of today's meeting included:
  • Bubby picking up lint/fuzz off my just-vaccuumed-two-hours-ago-floor and handing it to Tara.  (I will attribute his fascination with picking up lint to his great-grandma-Iowa.  My cousins will understand.)
  • Bubby finding a random leaf somewhere in the house (where did it come from?) and bringing it to Tara.
  • Bubby attempting to lift up MY shirt to find my belly button at the end of the meeting (because he is almost as fascinated with everyone's belly button as he is with lint.)
  • The service coordinator commenting soon after her arrival on how quiet Bugaboo was only to have him get fussy about 45 seconds later and remain fussy for much of the meeting.
Oh - some educational hightlights:
  • Bubby met his goal - walking on a variety of surfaces!
  • We have new goals - running and jumping.
  • We get to decrease PT to once a month.
  • The service coordinator brought up speech therapy a few times.  Bubby is very verbal, but she wonders if he is understandable.  I feel that he is as understandable as any other kiddo (especially boy) his age.  P.T. put in her two cents and recommended waiting six months to see if we needed to add it.
  • We also had to work on a "family goal" - apparently a new thing with the agency.  So I put down I would investigate some sort of class/activity for Bubby to be a part of in the next few months - perhaps a swimming class or something.  Our P.T. tried to speak up for me and say we didn't really need a family goal (I think they are for families less educated than ours - sorry if that sounds snotty), but I was pressed to give a goal, so I gave one.

    It is always so different being on the parent side instead of the educator side of the IEP stuff.  I think knowing what I know helps me to be an empowered advocate for my son, and hopefully, if I return to the classroom, the experience of being on the parent side will help me be a better advocate for my students and their parents.


    1. Horray for PT milestones! What a great day (the lint is funny)(Nice belly button)

    2. Just be glad he didn't find the lint in your bellybutton! Hahaha!! Sorry that Bubby had a meltdown when he realized I wasn't going to be there in a few minutes. I'll see him in about a month when I come down for Chow's graduation!

    3. Hahaha!!! Your mom's comment above cracks me up!
      Luke will be starting (or will be qualified to start anyway) sped pre-school in the fall. We're having all those meetings now. It's SO different being on the "other" side, isn't it? I've thought the same thing....I will be such a different (better?) teacher when I go back to the classroom.
      So happy to hear milestones are being met and goals accomplished!! Way to go little man!


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