Wednesday, April 20, 2011

some inspired randomness

I have a somewhat serious post on my heart, but I don't have the words.  Don't worry - it's nothing alarming or bad, just of the more serious nature.  So that will have to wait.
Instead I have been inspired by Ostriches Look Funny's random post to fill up some space with some randomness of my own.

I have been on a baking kick.  I made some pretty awesome banana muffins the other day. (I added nutmeg and vanilla.) And today I tried my hand at strawberry scones, which turned out mighty tasty and not dry like some scones.  I had never made a scone before, so I was pretty proud of myself.  The only bad thing is the recipe only makes six, and I won't tell you how many I've consumed today.

I rearranged our living room furniture the other day.  I think I like it.  I do not like the big hole that Penny chewed in our couch that I don't know how to fix and cannot seem to hide.  I do not miss that dog.  I miss Ebby, but not Penny.

I love that a friend and one of her sons were able to stop by to visit today - the type of friend that understands why there are lots of fingerprints all over the coffee table.  I love that for a brief moment we spied our toddlers "reading" a book together. Wish I could have grabbed the camera.

Bugaboo had a great "minimal spit up day" yesterday.  But today has been the opposite.  There is no rhyme or reason to his episodes.  He has also been very "nappy" today - as in sleeping most of the afternoon thanks to the amazing Moby Wrap.  And he is even dozing now (on me) without it.

Bubby is very into wrestling right now.  If you are on the ground for any reason, such as picking up discarded cheerios or lost puzzle pieces, he will attack. He had a great time attacking The Hubs last night after he got home from work (The Hubs, not Bubby - he is too young to get a job yet).

Bubby is also very into moving the front rug. Just minutes after I vacuum.  And it doesn't matter that I shake out the rug.  There are still specks of dirt that I can't beat out, but somehow easily come out when my son drags it around the room.

Some other random thoughts:
I am digging Twilight the book even MORE than the movie (if you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all) - I had to renew it from the library because with two kiddos I can't read as quickly as I once did. 
I had a horrible dream last night about having to get my impacted wisdom tooth removed and that it was going to cost $28,000.  The price was more of a nightmare than the pain.
I really want pizza for dinner tonight even though I have Ritz chicken on the menu.  Pizza sounds much better.
I know I have more randomness to share, but Bubby is waking up from his nap now. So this will have to do. :)


  1. We can be Twilight fans together. And we have the exact same Starbucks pattern. Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Latte, and an iced concoction in the summer! Get on the reloadable card bandwagon. They take fifty cents off my lattes when I use my card!!!!

  2. Here's an idea on the couch....they make these 3 inch long curved needles that I have seen at Jo-Anns. I never really paid any attention to them, but I think they might be for things like this. And I know there is such a thing as upholstery thread. Its super strong and sort of waxy, I accidentally bought it once. If you had the Husband push the sides together, do you think the curved needle would work to do a rough stitch? Then atleast the kids wouldn't pick at the fluffstuff. (maybe your kids don't do that...mine would!) Good Luck!

  3. 1. I loved our (short, but sweet) visit this week. :)
    2. Learning how to make scones has been on my New Year's "Wanna Do" List for the past 3 yrs. Therefore, an afternoon of you showing me how to make those delicious-looking scones is in order!! This must be done sans-kids.....the guys can handle taking all four boys to the park for a couple hours, right?!! ( I mean, seriously, we take the kids out on our own all the time!) Mmmm...I'm dreaming up all sorts of plans. Mother's Day is coming up.....surely we can talk Mike and Andrew into this. :)
    3. I love this post!


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