Thursday, April 21, 2011

simple things

Bugaboo was laying on the floor on his back in a desperate but happy attempt to roll from back to front.  He wants to so desperately, but he cannot yet.  All smiles and kicks and coos, I lay beside him to chat.  Bubby toddled over and moves in between - not out of jealousy, but to share his toy frog and his toy phone.  He got down on his belly and then his side to converse with his brother in baby language - Bugaboo at the beginning of using it and Bubby phasing out.  And as much as I want to grab my camera to capture this moment, so tender and joyful, I stay and soak it in, my sons conversing in a way that will only last for this season.


  1. oh, what a tender moment, friend! i'm so glad you stayed in it... and here, you've captured it, so beautifully. these are the moments that make the journey. love to you.

  2. Such deep joy! I melt that Bubby was looking to share, not compete.


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