Thursday, April 28, 2011

on princesses

 I am not a fru-fru girl, nor was I growing up.  I wasn't a tomboy either. Just your average girl-next-door, similarish to Bella Swan, but a tad more coordinated, and without Volvo-driving vampires (or shirtless werewolves) falling in love with me.
But all the talk of Will and Kate's wedding makes me become a fru-fru sort of girl.
I want to be a princess.
With a big, fancy, televised wedding with music and cake and pomp and circumstance.
And a fabulous castle to live in (Do they live in a castle?  I don't even know.)
And a fairy god-mother.  (Okay, I KNOW she doesn't have that.)

I may be thirty and a mom of two little boys, but I still (not-so-)secretly wouldn't mind some "puffed-sleeves, sparkly-tiaras, glass-slippers, SoThisIsLove" moments.

But I would settle for a white-picket-fence-house-in-the-country-with-a-fabulous-set-of-china-and-a-garden-in-the-backyard life.  How much bippidity-boppity-boo will it take to get me some of that? :)

But I wouldn't trade my life with these three guys for all the castles and glass slippers or even all of the white picket fences in the world.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one! :)

  2. Watching the royal wedding does tend to give you fairy tale thoughts.


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