Wednesday, April 6, 2011

more lessons on grace for mommy

The day started out like any other. Diapers, breakfast, clean-up (lots of clean up with with a baby and a toddler), laundry (lots of that, too), an easy errand since Bubby loves to "go-go," and it is easy enough to oblige.  After that there was playing with Bugaboo while Bubby wrestled me (his new thing is to tackle/climb/attack me while I am on the ground) and lunch.  The boys seemed content enough, so I needed to get a new potato recipe into the crockpot to have with dinner tonight.  And then all heck broke loose.
Bubby would not stop opening the dishwasher and trying to get things out of it - I tried flicking his hand, I tried continuously putting him in his crib for a time-out, I tried turning on the tv to Sesame Street - it didn't matter.  His plan to test mommy and slow her down on her task would not be thwarted.  Simultaneously to all of this Bugaboo is crying loudly for no apparent reason - he has been fed, he has been changed. I tried the boppy pillow in a variety of positions, the bouncy seat - nothing worked.  I chopped potatoes and onions angrily while every two minutes trying to deal with one of the dynamic duo.
At one point I yelled something I never once yelled during my teaching career.
and continued chopping, loudly, taking my aggrivation out more on the veggies than my children. I was determined to ignore the crying from the bouncy seat and the yelling from the crib as I threw in ingredients, melted, measured, stirred.  Splatters of milk and flour hit the stove.  With the lid finally on, I cleaned up the mess, and my children, by this point were (relatively) calm.
Why could they not have been calm just fifteen minutes before??
As the mess of my kitchen decreased, the guilty feelings of my attitude increased.  I always thought I would be the mom who never wanted to yell, and here I was, less than two years a mommy, and I yelled. At my sweet babies.
I took Bubby out of his crib and brought Bugaboo into their room to play again together.  Bubby brought me a book (and another and another), each time sitting on my lap and snuggling up, as Bugaboo looked up from next to us to hear the story too, both of them treating me as if I never screwed up.
Giving me what I did not deserve.



  1. Parenting is such an important thing, and also a very difficult thing....and children are very forgiving...they teach us more than we teach them sometimes....they teach us of grace...i think all us parents can completely relate to this post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. smiles. i think all of us parents can appreciate this...there are those days...and we do things like that...and our kids show us such valuable lessons...and we hope for grace as well in how we raise them...

  3. I scream Shut Up and things like that in my head ALL THE TIME. I think it helps with my sanity.

  4. nothing says "who's the parent here?" like being told by your three year-old that you've said a word that you yourself deemed "not nice."

    parenting is humility training. you're not alone, friend.

  5. My husbands friend called the other day and felt bad for yelling at his children, I laughed and said everyone at some point yells at their children. Mine are now teenagers and I still yell at them occasionally ;-) They do teach us well. Grace and peace to you.

  6. Hugs...I have no kids but I been known to yell at innocent people and then feel bad about, hugs.

  7. As I read this, I thought of all the terrible moms out there who do much worse than this on a daily basis. Your kids are so blessed to have you!

  8. i feel your heart. right now I as I write this my 2 boys are fighting lol. It takes so much to be a mom.

  9. oh, friend, i have tears... it is so hard, this motherhood, yet so rewarding, no? and you are not alone. we all mess up. praise God for his little angels who forgive us, time and again. xo

  10. *tears* I am so thankful for the grace my children shower on me undeservedly. If only I was so quick to shower it on them in return.


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