Saturday, April 16, 2011

left foot, left foot, right foot, right

I have worn the same size shoe since eighth or ninth grade.

Until this month.

When I noticed my tennis shoes (or as some people call them, sneakers) seemed a little snug.  And today I noticed they were not just snug, but my toes were actually curled up.  YUCK!  So I tried on all of the shoes in my closet.  A few still fit okay, but sadly, most were too small.
It seems I have become part of the "my feet grew from pregnancy" club.
I will not be part of the "I will have my toes hang over the edge of my shoes all nasty-lookin'" club, so I hope there is a flip-flop sale soon!

I sort of wish I dressed horridly enough for the "What Not To Wear" cameras to catch me and give me $5,000 to spend.  (Maybe I do).  But the thought of spending that kind of money on clothes kind of makes me want to vomit.
On the upside, I was motivated to clean out our closet, so we have a nice pile to take somewhere to donate, but I was a little depressed to see some of my old favorites go.

*FYI: the baby feet photos are from Bubby's NICU days, and the flip-flop picture is from my pre-kid-pedicure days. :)


  1. Let's go on a mission together to get on "What Not To Wear." What a dream!!!!

  2. I like those flip flops! I was sad to hear they are 4 years old...I guess I don't need to go look for a pair of my own at the Mall.

    My feet grew too. And I have probably made it worse by wearing Crocs and Flip Flops for years. I don;t even like regular shoes any more. Its so bad that if I put on real shoes, I only last a few hours.


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