Friday, April 29, 2011

Bugaboo's dedication

Info for family and friends:
We will be dedicating Bugaboo to the Lord Sunday, May 29 at the 9 AM service at E.T.  What is a baby dedication? It is where The Hubs and I are making a formal promise to raise him in a godly way - to be committed to Jesus and to each other and to set a sincere example for him.
 When I lived in Arizona, the church I attended had a neat dedication service in which the pastor gave the babies letters he had written for them that were to be given to them when they made a decision to follow Jesus. I always thought that was very special. Just like I requested with Bubby, I am asking anyone who wants to write one to write Bugaboo a letter that he will read when he decides for himself to make Jesus his Lord and Savior. You can send it via email or snail mail. 
If you didn't get a chance to write a letter to Bubby when he was dedicated (or you procrastinated - you know who you are, haha!) and wish to do so, go ahead and send one for him too.

sidenote: We will be celebrating Bubby's second birthday that weekend as well - not sure which day we'll do that... more details to come

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