Wednesday, April 13, 2011

and I think to myself what a wonderful world

Somedays are stressful here in mommy-land.  Plans fail, diapers explode, showers don't happen, and dinner burns. 
Today was NOT one of those days. :)
I was able to get some chores done last night and this morning, and I feel like my house is pretty presentable.  I was able to shower AND shave my legs AND do my hair AND get both boys fed, changed, and out the door for storytime at the library across town (since we missed it Monday at the closer library).
We haven't been to storytime since Bugaboo was born, but The Hubs left me the good car - the one that actually (barely) fits the double-stroller - so we went.  Bubby listened to the story and the songs politely.  Bugaboo stayed awake but content in the stroller. 

However, Bubby was not into the socializtion/learning activities that ALL of the other toddlers were doing in the story room.  He wandered (with Bugaboo and me closely following) out to the children's section, played with some puzzles, but was mostly fascinated with the chairs and the trashcan.  That kid can find a trashcan anywhere!  We had a minimeltdown leaving the library.  I should say, Bubby had a mini-meltdown.  I handled myself very well and received many sympathetic smiles from the librarians and patrons on our way out the door.
The rest of the day has been lunch (which I actually ate uninterrupted!), reading books (can't find our latest favorite Sandra Boynton book), playing outside with Bubby for a bit while Bugaboo napped,

snuggling on the couch,
and dinner prepping while Bubby naps.  And now both boys are napping, and I am enjoying this moment before I move on to something else.  Tomorrow everything may fall apart again, but today there is sunshine beaming in my window, warming up my soul.

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