Friday, March 11, 2011

what are we up to around here

  • Talking, talking, talking - I can't keep up with all of the new words he is learning - sometimes he is saying something, but I don't understand which is frustrating to both of us, but overall we communicate pretty well :)
  • Reading - after a hiatus from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, that book is back with a vengence.  Bubs is getting good with his animal sounds/recognition (with other books, too), but often confuses cats and dogs and sometimes ducks and chickens.  He also calls "white dog" in the book "hot dog," which just happens to be one of his favorite phrases.  (He really doesn't get hot dogs very often, but he says it with such expression.)  He also is digging The Hungry Frog right now and likes to finish the sentence, "Everybody knows that frogs eat  .... FLIES!"
  • Physical therapy - walking like a pro...well at least walking like a toddler.  He can even walk backwards.  We are now working on steps (hard to do when we don't have stairs - just a step by each outside door), jumping (doesn't have to get until he is 2ish), and keeping his balance when reaching up.
  • Big brotherness - LOVES to kiss Bugaboo.  Fascinated (maybe jealous of?haha) with the fuzzy hair.  Has recently started taking the wet diapers to  the trash for me.  Talks in a high-pitched, soft voice to the baby.

    • Usually sleeps 11ish/midnight to 4ish and then after eating to 8ish.
    • Prefers napping all morning to afternoon naps does not want to turn in for the night at a decent hour.
    • Very, very fussy recently - it seems like 85-90% of his awake hours are spent fussing, especially if he is not being held.  Thank goodness he is cute enough to make up for it.
    • Will lift/control his head very well while being held/resting on someone's chest, but doesn't do much lifting during tummy time other than to turn his head to the other side
    • Smiling and cooing a little more each day.
    • Focuses on faces but not really interested in tracking/focusing on anything else we try.
    • LOVES the bath.  Only gets mad getting in and getting out.

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