Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wall made white

Barbecue sauce splattered on a kitchen wall from where I tossed the measuring cup into the sink with too much force.  It looked like blood, but the only wounds inflicted were of the soul-kind, not of the flesh.
It is easy to focus on the negatives when frustration grips the heart and mind.
This argument, brief and forceful, came out of nowhere, like a summer storm.
As we go our separate ways to cool down, I remember what I had wanted to compliment him on yesterday, but got busy and forgot.  His integrity.  When so many around are taking the easy way, but not the best way, in finances, in relationships, in life, he stays strong in his convictions and helps me to as well.  So we talk.
A washcloth assists me in removing the stain, wall made white again.
And this is grace: apologies  exchanged for speaking without thinking - forgiveness shining down after the storm.


  1. I love this. Grace and forgiveness and white walls. What a story to tell!

  2. oh, i know those fights and graces. thanks for your honesty here.


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