Tuesday, March 8, 2011

first sweet shot Tuesday

So I am linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday for the first time.  I am learning to use my first dSLR camera and am finding Darcy's "31 Days to a Better Photo" very helpful.  I think I am on day 8.
Anyhoo, my favorite photo of week was just moments before I discovered the snake in the direction Bubby is looking.

I don't have any other details for this photo yet other than I have a Canon Rebel xs - I don't remember any of the settings. I am still learning and experimenting.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. beautiful photo. I found Darci too and she is wonderful huh? I love your blog title and caption. :)

  2. oooh I can't wait to get a big girl camera. One day. Have fun learning and that is a great photo!

  3. Cute! I'm still learning too with my new Canon! It is fun for sure!


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