Tuesday, March 22, 2011

obedience and patience

There have been a couple of scenarios lately where I have felt led to act in moves toward reconciliation, one an old wound, one a more recent one, relatively speaking.  I know what I felt impressed to do, and I did so.
But in one case I had hoped there would be a response, but there has been none.  In the other, I really didn't know what would happen, and the response has me a bit perplexed.
I am an a+b=c type of person, and life just isn't like that.
So I wait. 
In one case I wait on a response that may never come.
In the other I wait to respond so that I can sort out what is my humanness and what is of the Spirit stirring in my heart.  I want to act on Truth.
I want those happily ever after endings, but something I heard Beth Moore say once is that if you exercise the spiritual gift of mercy without accountability, you are not acting in the Spirit.
So I wait.  I wait for words from others and words for me to speak.


  1. I feel like life is never as simple as I would love it to be. Sending good luck wishes for positive responses to your efforts!

  2. waiting has a strange comfort to it. I think it's the letting go part. Praying for you!


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