Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Multitude Monday on a Tuesday MM#450-

I am so thrilled this afternoon.  My computer has been completely unusable for a few days now, and when we took it in to have the professionals fix it today, they pretty much said they couldn't help us.  My files would all be gone, and at best I could restart at factory settings by using my restart discs at home.  (I'm sure there are more techy words to describe).  I honestly handled the news pretty well.  The boys' pictures are uploaded to shutterfly, so at least I knew they all existed somewhere, and the other files...oh well.
after we did all the installation stuff over not only did my computer work...all m files and such seem to be here still as well.  PRAISE THE LORD!
Joining with Ann's community a day late to celebrate blessings big and small:
450. computer experts in town being wrong
451. the two Dave's on the east coast with attempts/offers to help from hundreds of miles away
452. Thu Hubs getting me a vanilla Dr. Pepper to cheer me up before things worked today
453. a first smile and a first on-his-own "love you" yesterday
454. spring weather
455. Uncle Fman taking time to check Bubby for strep symptoms (not there!)
456. a long Tuesday nap for the boys and one for me, too
457.compliments on the lunch from today
458. toddler who started eating peas again (though his mommy won't touch them)
459. friend's report of 365 seizure-free days for her little boy --- Jesus heals!

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