Thursday, March 31, 2011

mommy renewal day

The baby who slept from 10:30ish till almost seven on the dot.  A long shower without the immediate, "Mommy. Mommy.  Mommy!" sound from a few feet away.  Taking time to do my hair AND make-up just because, and The Hubs telling me I looked good just before I escaped out the door this morning.
A great cup of coffee and a scone that had potential.  Perusing two bookstores to see what I want to request next from the library, and pushing away the thought that I will not have the time to read all that I want to get my hands on.  Using two giftcards saved  from Christmas - a new shirt, flip-flops, and finally a pair of jeans that fit this had-two-babies-in-less-than-two-years-body.  (I will save the jeans shopping adventure for another blog, another time.)  Driving home rejuvenated as Bubby finished his lunch and Bugaboo slept and only feeling 2% annoyed at how well the boys kept chaos to a minimum while Daddy was in charge.
I had the morning off. 
And now both my boys are somehow simultaneously napping, The Hubs is at work, I have dinner planned, laundry going, and the house is almost silent.  What an amazing day.  I am renewed.

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  1. Your day sounds wonderful! I'm glad you were able to get some time to yourself. :)


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