Monday, March 28, 2011

MM 489-499

After a week "off" with grandmas and grandpas and a couple of aunties entertaining the boys and of eating yummy hometown food paid for by various people, reality set in on the drive home.
The Hubs let me know we got a letter saying we had been denied assistance from the hospital for my medical bills.
Feet went up to the dashboard, legs bent, knees and hands became a makeshift pillow as I cried for about three minutes.  More sad tears this time than my usual "I hate the world" tears when I get bad news. Not to say I didn't have some of those tears.  I did. I posted a brief pity-party on the internet, and a few minutes later deleted it.  Because my "I hate the world" moment was just that - a moment instead of a day, a week, a month or a season.
This doesn't mean I am all sunshine and lollipops right now.  I have questions about the fairness of things, of playing by the rules and still feeling like we keep hearing, " not pass go. Do not collect $200...", of how God answers some prayers with "yes" and others with "no" without any rhyme or reason from my limited perspective.
But I have been given enough peace to go through my day knowing that God can handle my questions and that all things work for good for those who are called according to His purposes.

Joining with Ann to continue giving thanks:

489. everlasting promises
490. time with family
491. gas money
492. hometown food
493. two boxes if diapers and a ton of wipes
494. summer clothes for the boys
495. getting to know my step-sisters better

496. provision from family for 491-494
497. safe travels
498. Bubby playing with Papa's harmonica like I used to do
499. toddler who requests books by title now

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