Wednesday, March 2, 2011

melt my heart

Monday, amidst the chaos of food falling from the high chair and me wondering if my computer would work again, my first born had a lovely first.  Out of nowhere, from his place at the table to me at the kitchen sink, Bubby called out "love you" to me, his mommy.  All of the previous "love you's" have been a repeat of our "love you's" to him, but this one was all on his own.
Then that night, as my second born looked up at me, making faces and speaking his language in a high pitched-voice, Bugaboo gave me a real smile.
And these are the things that keep me going when my Dr. Pepper paid for in spare change is spilled by a toddler's go-go-Gadget-arms ALL over the kitchen as the groceries are being brought in from the car.  These are the things that allowed me to calmly place him in his crib while I cleaned up the mess only to have to clean up a different type of mess minutes later.
The melt-my-heart-moments get me through.
And so does nap time.  Thank goodness it is nap time right now!

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  1. I remember those moments. they make you happy. Then you get the first unprompted "thank you" it makes you proud too!


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