Friday, March 18, 2011

learning manual mode

Bubby really wanted to take the coffee pot out of the cabinet and carry it around the house.  He was quite upset that Mommy said, "No."  It didn't help matters that I decided to photograph his temper-tantrum.

Bugaboo decided to coo and play instead of nap or fuss, so he became my subject while I tried out different things on the camera.

Yes, I take a zillion pictures of my kiddos.  Is it wrong that I want to capture almost every moment??  I am attempting to learn manual mode on my camera, which is a great excuse to take a zillion more.  The grandparents never complain about a lack of photos of their grandbabies. :)


  1. I always took a picture of the kids during a good meltdown at that age! When they are grown up I am going to want photo memories of ALL parts of their childhoods. And those are the photos with the real emotion!

  2. Hey! Congrats to me! I win a frequent commenter award! Your blog no longer shows me the CAPTCHA doothingey when I post a comment! WOOHOO!

  3. Bugaboo look A LOT like Babushka in that pic!

    Cousin Michelle


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