Tuesday, March 15, 2011

just a Tuesday night

I know in coming months and years there may be rivalry and jealousy, feelings hurt and competition.  I hope not, I pray not, but they are human and brothers - brothers who just happen to be a year and a half apart.
But for now I will soak in these moments of Bubby sharing his toys and leaning in for a kiss, and Bugaboo cooing and smiling in adoration. 

Bubby who runs around with his pajamas unzipped, flying behind him like a cape, and Bugaboo who has hair that could fly behind him too, if he was capable of running.

And in these precious moments the sleepless nights, the memories of NICU days, the countless diapers, and every frustration this new mommy has had and is experiencing fades...

 and all I see are two boys for whom I would sacrifice everything.

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  1. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!! In the last picture it looks like Cole might either kiss Grady or bite him.


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