Thursday, March 17, 2011


Pulling a glass out of the dishwasher a bit too quickly, it caught the counter top on the way up.  Clink.  Another broken glass.  Thankfully not shattered, but a huge crack left it unusable.  Sigh.  We started our home with a dozen or so new, square-shaped glasses.  Today we are down to five of the originals, and three Coke glasses from McDonald's that I hate, but The Hubs likes. 
"Why do they keep breaking?" I wonder aloud.
"They have been through the heat of the dishwasher a thousand times." The Hubs responds as he cleans up our toddler.  "They are more easy to break now."
And I ponder that.  How much have we been through?  The ups and downs of marriage, the disappointments, the losses, the challenges, the closed doors.  All of these dispensing their pressures and heat on our lives.  Will we break as well? Some marriages chip, some marriages shatter, but some remain in tact despite the adversity.

I think about all we have learned and how we have grown because of the trials, the pressures, the fires.  We will not be shattered like glass or chipped like pottery. We are being refined like silver.


  1. oh, I love this... refined, yes. This is how I feel with my husband and our 23 years of refinement...beautifully expressed.

  2. this is beautiful...god is refining you and your hubby into something far more valuable than any precious metal...
    tomorrow i celebrate 39 years of refining with my sweetie...
    blessings to you...

  3. I like the imagery of a crumpled and ripped up piece of paper that has been taped back together, over and over and over again so that now it's more tape than paper. That is one STRONG piece of paper. It doesn't look like it did when it started out, but nothing will crack it. I'd rather be the paper than the glass, but I don't know - maybe the glass is closer to reality.

  4. This is a brilliant and beautiful testiment to your faith, marriage, and heart!...:-)

  5. I like this exploration. I enjoyed how you unfolded this so naturally, not just laying it all out there but letting the theme develop.

  6. oh, i like this friend, a lot.... a beautiful analogy. (and i understand: we have lost a lot of glasses...)

  7. i definitely had an "oh!" moment while reading this. beautiful.


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