Monday, March 14, 2011

a full night of sleep

Thank goodness for the grace Monday morning brings after a very sleep-deprived weekend.  I tried to elaborate on this, but the words weren't right, so I will just post my continued gratitude list and join with Ann's community:

471. Bugaboo sleeping ALL night in his bed - over eight hours!

472. Saturday trip to a park in between Bubby's coughing episodes

473. library books that I hope to read over the next couple of weeks
474. Wednesday night Bible study
475. Bubby bringing books to his "Me" (Auntie Missa)
476. encouraging blogs written by friends and strangers
477. March Madness about to begin and the sweet memories it brings to mind
478. new, really easy potato dish - great comfort food on a cold, rainy day
479. the way Bubby lifts his arms up when he wants The Hubs to pick him up
480. and the way he backs up and squats when he wants to sit on your lap
481. Did I mention my baby slept through the night? :)


  1. congrats on the sleeping! Such a long awaited milestone.

  2. I’m here from Ann’s.

    Even though it’s Thursday I’m still reading the lists. I heart these lists. And now I come to yours … And because not only have you been sleep deprived since birth – but long before it - my favorite from your list is 481. Did I mention my baby slept through the night? :)

    Yay for sleep :)

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day


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