Monday, March 28, 2011

a bit of good news

So today as I was going through the mail from my week away, I discovered we had NOT been denied assistance for the hospital bills (yet), just the clinic-side/doctor bills.  We still haven't heard back from the application to the hospital.  We were denied assistance from the clinic side of things (aka doctors).  It is a complicated system I can't explain here.
Anyway - the clinic bill is still a pretty penny BUT I am holding out hope we will hear a yes for help from the hospital soon.  Hope and pray with me.


  1. Praying! I know how difficult it is! GOD is able!

  2. ahh, we are having our own dilemma w/ billing for this wee one baking. (in b/twn insurance)... anyway that to say i understand and yes, a prayer for the assistance to come thru!!!


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