Thursday, February 3, 2011

so I don't forget what he's like at 20 months

Bubby is learning and doing new things everyday.  I feel like I say several times all day, "I need to blog about that," just so I have it recorded, but I probably forget at least half by the time I sit down to do so,
What are some things that come to mind tonight?

  • getting really good at his puzzles
  • being able to name lots of people in pictures - still working on not calling Uncle Fman "Chow" but he is set on it.  I think he is calling Auntie Missa "Me" in the pictures
  • taking everything out of the's gross out was him getting into his discarded ham from lunch and trying to eat it later as a snack...YUCK!
  • telling us sometimes when he goes "peepee" - he is terrified of going on the toilet though - not potty-training at all yet - too young and not ready
  • poking his baby brother in the eye two nights in a row and laughing about it... until there were consequences - we heard a sweet and tear-filled "sorry"
  • saying "ah-choo" after anyone sneezes
  • telling the physical therapist "baby toot" when rumbles came from Bugaboo's direction 
  • putting paper in the shredder - great fine motor skills there :)
  • still LOVING books
  • now obsessed with salsa "shal-sha" every time I open the fridge


  1. it is very reassuring to learn that other people's children eat out of the garbage too! my youngest has done that on occasion and although he's better now, we can't ask him if he'd rather eat his food or garbage(like we do with his brother when he's being picky) because he will say garbage.

  2. I think Chow could be an OK nickname! Does he not like it?


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