Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday stuff

So a few things have been going on the last 24-48 hours or so.
  • I was blessed with a great new camera (which apparently is being discontinued so some places are having good deals on them). A belated Christmas gift.  In my spare time (hehe - spare time, what is that?!) I get to learn how to use my new dSLR Cannon.  Hopefully you will see some new and improved pictures in the coming days.
Which leads me to my next bullet
  • My laptop died.  I am pretty sure it is dead.  I looked online on The Hubs' computer for ways to fix it.  My bff's husband clear out in Massachusetts gave me an idea to try (and for a few moments I thought it was going to work).  I think we are taking it in to a computer place here to see if it is fixable.  So I don't know when I will be posting the new and improved pictures or blogging as The Hubs needs his computer most days for work and school.
Some more good news:
  • Our realtor called today and said another realtor wanted to show someone our house. So The Hubs and I ran around like banshees trying to make our house presentable on a gray, lazy Saturday morning/afternoon that we were sure would not have the need of having a spic-n-span house.  It is crazy how hard it is to keep things 110% with a toddler and a baby.  Luckily Bugaboo slept during our cleaning frenzy and Bubby got in our way until we put him in his crib with some books. Then he was a happy guy.

Well, nap time is over for both boys.  Sadly, I was unable to rest while they were sleeping.  Hope to update more soon.  Thanks for the continued prayers for our home sale (pray we hear something good soon) and direction for our future.

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