Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Having a new baby plus cold winter weather equals me looking kind of frumpy most days.  I do shower on a fairly regular basis, but that is about the only thing I have going for me.  So for Bugaboo's doctor appointment today I decided to try to look like a civilized human being and wore clean jeans and a new sweater I got with a Christmas gift card.  I even put on some make-up.
But then I remembered my hair.  It hasn't been cut since the end of October...maybe it was mid-October.  And there isn't much a gal can do to make her hair look cute, let alone presentable, when her once fun short hair is now looking a little mulletish.  And while I still see people in this great state of Missouri rockin' the mullet, I do not wish to be one of them.
So I finally called my hair stylist today - who never judges the shambles my hair is often in by the time I take the time and money to visit her.  Saturday afternnoon my semi-Billy Ray look will be gone.  And so will the Muppetesque eyebrows.
Saturday can't get here soon enough!


  1. lol this made me chuckle :) I also have short hair and it often gets to the mulletish length. Have a good day on saturday!

  2. I thank goodness for my curly hair. If I did not have curly hair, I would look like a crazy cat lady. I only make time to get it cut about every 5 months. But! I am pretty up-to-date on the lip and brow. That's serious business.


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