Friday, February 25, 2011

letting Bubby help

I have noticed lately that Bubby's behavior takes an unfavorable turn when I don't give him enough attention.  As a former educator, I probably should have made this connection earlier than about a week ago.  Sometimes it can't be helped - Bugaboo needs fed (though we often read books during this time), dinner needs fixed, or something else must be done.
But when I take more time for him, his behavior improves.  It isn't possible to play all day BUT I've started letting him "help" me more with things.  We have been trying to get him to pick up his toys at the end of the day or before nap.  Yes, it is faster to do 99% of it myself at this point, but by letting him do 25-50% it teaches him responsibility, builds vocabulary/socialization skills, and gets him more attention time.  Bubby loves household chores, so when I am vacuuming he gets one piece of the attachment now to follow me around and "help" me vacuum.  When I take the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I put them on the dryer lid and he pushes the clothes into the dryer.  Today he helped me put away his and Bugaboo's laundry because I noticed he knows where most of the things go.  Sure the socks are no longer attached to their mates, but they are in the drawer.  Yes the pajamas are in a clump, but they are in the drawer.  Sure it took some time for him to bring me the washcloths and burpcloths and towels I threw on the floor, but it was a good following directions/sorting lesson, and it all eventually got folded and put away.
Luckily I have never been a neat-freak, but I am in a control-freak, so my toddler is teaching me the art of letting go of control.

And on a sidenote, can I just say that the Moby Wrap that my bff sent me is amazing.  Bugaboo hates getting into it, but once he is in, he LOVES it.  In thirty seconds or less he is a comfy, cozy, content kiddo.

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