Friday, February 18, 2011

big boy

Dear Bubby,
When did you get be such a big boy?  Today you and I went to the library, just the two of us, without the stroller. You held my hand. You tried to let go of my hand to attack the bookshelves because you love books so much.  You were a very good boy for the 15 minutes we were there picking out books and cds and puzzles for you, and sadly, nothing for me.
And you look like such a big boy as you try to "help" your baby brother.  When you say his name it is adorable, though you mostly still just call him baby.

Next week Miss Tara will be so impressed that you are able to climb onto your little car all by yourself.  Another physical therapy task to check off the list.  Now, if you can push yourself around on it we will do a double check.

You continue to have too much fun with your Uncle Fman when he gets a chance to come to our house.  I know you two will get into lots of trouble together.

It seems like just yesterday you were the same size as your brother.

Please do not grow up too quickly.

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