Thursday, February 17, 2011

abandon stresses

"Doesn’t urgency over everything imply that God’s in control of nothing? ...Abandon stresses; abide in your Savior." ~ Ann Voskamp
I read these words a couple of days ago on Ann's blog, and I can't get them out of my head.  The theme of trusting and not stressing.  I am learning the timeless truth that stress and worry do not bring anything positive to the day, to the situation, so in big and small ways I am striving to abandon and abide.
Not stressing about the cheese and the Cheerios I keep picking up off the floor and instead being thankful fo the  blond haired blue-eyed boy who threw it there.
Not worrying about bills or the cost of groceries, but continuing to look for ways to save money, make things stretch, and pray for provision.  I haven't been let down yet.
Not arguing about a trivial miscommunication, but realizing that was simply what it was, figuring out what to do next time, and happily moving on. 
And The Presence is there, as I abandon and abide.  I feel it almost physically.  I hear Him almost audibly.
Be still and know.  I Am.  in control. of the big picture. and the small ones.
Joining with Emily's community today.


  1. Stressing is something we all struggle with...but you are on the right track....when you are focusing on God and that He is in control. I needed to read this today...thank you for sharing your heart and life....:-)

  2. oh friend, i needed this: to abide. to simply be. in him. in this moment. a beautiful post... thank you.

  3. Yes, He is...and I am so glad of it!


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