Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what are the MacBoys up to?

  • walking like an almost-pro - he can even pull himself up without the use of a person or piece of furniture now (though the use of such things is more convenient)
  • talking up a storm and becoming more understandable with his words
  • continuing to get into the trashcan
  • knowing how to ALMOST put a cd/dvd into the dvd player on the tv - this is NOT a good thing
  • loving on his new baby brother - he says "baby!" in a high pitched voice and tries to hug him (slightly dangerous without adult supervision) and give him the binky and the burpcloth
  • sticking the baby's binky in his mouth even though he was never a binky-baby
  • clapping when we watch Wheel of Fortune and repeating some letters as they say them
  • giving people new names - Grampy is now called Boppy and we are trying to get him to not call Uncle FMan "Chow"

    • formerly known as Wink, we are still working on a nickname for this one
    • reflux isn't painful now that he's on meds, but spit up is still an issue, especially when laying on his back
    • has been sleeping upright on his belly on my chest at night - going 3-4 hour stretches at a time at night, and last night had a 5 hour stretch
    • still having his soft wildman hair
    • no longer pooping every 45 minutes!

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