Monday, January 31, 2011

things Bubby did today

  • "read" quietly in his room all on his own choosing while I was taking care of Bugaboo
  • said "thank you" to me without any prompting when I handed him a bite of blueberry scone
  • somehow took of his pants and threw them out of his crib during naptime
  • had some quality mommy play time while Bugaboo napped
  • grabbed a banana and took a bite out of the bottom of it with the peel still on
 And what did Bugaboo do today?
  • ate, filled diapers, slept, fussed, snuggled


  1. I am praying for you. I read some past posts to understand some recent ones. I feel your financial pain. After going to our D Ramsey session last night I told my husband I have no hope with our finances - and it ended up as a fight of sorts. Anyway, I am with you - there is no room to cut (we too, don't have cable : rabbit ears, we are not eating out in 2011, cut back everywhere) - but last night Dave told us to pray about it. I am sure you already are - God does not want us to dwell in despair - he is SO good and he can give - if he is choosing not to, I trust there is a reason. I am praying you will be back home with your boys before you know it. He is good. That is where He wants you - just may be a season before you get there.
    Many Blessings & prayers to you!

  2. Thank you for your prayers for my nephew Gabriel Zachary. He was born last week.... here are pictures:

  3. I would love to see a hidden camera on how he took his pants off during nap time! And why! Hopefully you will be spared the traditional "Huh...whats this in my diaper? I should poke it and wipe it on the wall" during future naps. Got that one from jack at this age!


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