Thursday, January 13, 2011

so I won't forget these moments

The baby wakes in the unbearable hour of the night for a diaper change and a meal.
And just as the burping begins
the toddler cries from down the hall

And four bodies
two big
two little
share a queen-sized bed for a few moments

and even in the exhaustion of the moment
I take time to enjoy
this family all together
warm and cozy on a chilly January night

then I take three steps to put baby back in bassinet
and he scoops toddler and trods down the hall
only to return minutes later with crying tike

and the tiny feet kick my back
and gurgles echo across the room
and I laugh at 2 AM remembering a ridiculous sitcom we actually had a chance to watch
and he laughs too

we sleep
briefly it seems
toddler and baby are up with the sun
sippy cup in bed for one while the other nurses
and we put off starting the day just a little longer

until I lean over and declare
rather than request


  1. I love this! It's so easy to only find frustration in those moments, but I like what you've found here better, instead. Thank you for reminding me ;)

  2. Beautiful reminder. These days pass too quickly. And baby days are such precious moments. Your baby is adorable!

  3. oops, that third sentence came out funny;)I have mommy brain right now:) Anyway, great reminder:)

  4. *smiling* i like how you strung together the sacrifice and demands of parenthood, the joys of middle-of-the-night cuddles, the lingering in bed hoping that it will drain away tiredness and then your final statement:

    until I lean over and declare
    rather than request

    because without coffee, i think i would be lost. :)

  5. oh this is so true, and sweet!! it's so important to breathe in those moments and be so so grateful he allowed you to see this as a joyful moment instead of a stressful one. and thank goodness for coffee AND naps, right?


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