Thursday, January 27, 2011

repost for imperfect prose

For imperfect prose today, I am reposting something I wrote a couple of weeks ago because I am too tired to write anything new today.  But it IS NEW to imperfect prose. :)

The baby wakes in the unbearable hour of the night for a diaper change and a meal.
And just as the burping begins
the toddler cries from down the hall

And four bodies

two big
two little
share a queen-sized bed for a few moments

and even in the exhaustion of the moment

I take time to enjoy
this family all together
warm and cozy on a chilly January night

then I take three steps to put baby back in bassinet

and he scoops toddler and trods down the hall
only to return minutes later with crying tike

and the tiny feet kick my back

and gurgles echo across the room
and I laugh at 2 AM remembering a ridiculous sitcom we actually had a chance to watch
and he laughs too

we sleep

briefly it seems
toddler and baby are up with the sun
sippy cup in bed for one while the other nurses
and we put off starting the day just a little longer

until I lean over and declare

rather than request


  1. I think every single parent can relate to this. And sometimes laughter is the only way to cope with being robbed of sleep. Thanks for reminding us to recognize beauty in these situations.

  2. LOVED this. love that you demanded coffee at the end, and that you were able to laugh at 2 am. what a joyous post friend. (i hope you're able to find some rest... )


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