Thursday, January 6, 2011

a quick run to Starbucks

Bubby is eating his breakfast next to me and Wink (who may be getting a different name) is in his carseat on the kitchen table next to me.  I am going to take five minutes to record this morning's adventure in hopes that someday I will look back on it and laugh...

Wink decided not to sleep last night. Oh he deceived us by wanting to eat earlier than usual for his bedtime meal and falling sweetly asleep on my chest on the couch.  Then The Hubs and I decided to go to bed. And Wink decided to not go to bed.  I tried everything - binkie (nine million times), putting him on his Boppy in his bed (big no-no if your baby is not on an apnea/heartrate monitor, but we can bend the rules a bit since we have a machine telling us if our baby stops breathing), picking him up, ignoring him (ever so briefly), feeding him again... I think it was almost 2 AM when Wink decided to finally sleep when I put him in bed (ever so carefully) next to me.  Out like a light.  He slept for a few hours.  Then it was diaper time and feeding time again.  And he stayed up after eating - and I knew he was still hungry but he refused to eat - and finally he did eat again, and was back asleep around 7??

So I decided it was a Starbucks morning.  I have a giftcard I recieved for Christmas from my mother-in-law, and today was the day to use it.  I mentioned this to The Hubs before he left.
I started getting myself and the boys ready to head out of the door - and by ready I mean throwing on a pair of jeans, shoes, and a shirt and leaving the boys in their pajamas.  Loaded Wink into his infant seat.  Put a jacket on Bubby.  Realized I should start the car - oh wait, The Hubs took the car that has my Christmas gift of an automatic starter in it. Grrr...So I go to the garage to start the ol' Nissan whom I call LouAnn.  I realize the stroller (which does not fit in LouAnn's trunk) is on top of the trunk instead of in the Scion (whom I call Jorge).  So I haul the double stroller into the kitchen after opening the garage a bit and starting the car and praying the fumes don't kill us all.  I put Wink and his monitor on the garage floor, pick up Bubby and then quickly throw him into his seat,  shut the house doorl without bothering to set the alarm, latch Wink into his carseat base, go around and buckle Bubby.  Get in the car where the heat is cranked full blast because LouAnn has had two settings for heat/AC for the last couple of years... FULL blast or COMPLETELY off.

And we drive to Starbucks for my vanilla latte and in the drive thru someone totally went through the exit driveway to cut me off. 

But at least I've gotten out of the house today had my coffee AND no one has po-po-ed in the last hour and a half. :)


  1. every victory counts! Sounds like an excellent tactical execution of a difficult manuever. Kudos to you General Mom.

  2. Oh those were the days. Sometimes I wondered how I did it with 4. Enjoy it all....the memories are great. Beth Yunker


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