Monday, January 3, 2011

Multitude Monday #366-378

I have lots of thoughts and things about which to write.  And I would love to read more blogs.
But my energy is being spent on more important things.
For now I will just post my multitude Monday for Ann's community and my own personal record keeping.

366. baby home from the NICU in time for Christmas
367. loved ones who pray
368. loved ones who help
369. chocolate covered cherry ice cream bars that invaded my freezer
370. several steps in a row for Bubby - he will be walking completely on his own in no time
371. The Hubs taking down the Christmas tree and the ornaments
372. baby sleeping on my chest during nap time today and me being able to nap a bit, too
373. The Hubs' turning thirty-two
374. dinners brought by sister-in-law and by friends
375. Mom's homemade spaghetti sauce ready to go in the freezer
376. commitment
377. attempting to knock on new doors of possibility
378. the way Bubby says "baby," "a-choo" (after anyone sneezes) and "Cheerio" now instead of "sheya sheya"

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