Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little sleep goes a long way

I am feeling better today than yesterday.  Not great, but decent.  It is amazing what a little sleep can do.  Wink actually got some winks last night instead of partying (aka pooping and spitting up) all night long.

The no-dairy thing didn't work for him, so yesterday the doc put Wink on an antacid.  I think it is starting to help a little since he is less fussy - and went back to sleep after feeding and staying upright last night.  I hope this continues, and that he goes back to his semi-long stretches of night sleep he was giving us over a week ago.

It is also amazing what a shoulder to cry on can do.  Someone from church stopped by yesterday, and when she asked how I was, I started crying.  She let me cry.  She listened and we talked about the tiredness, the transition from one to two, the hormones. That helped to not feel so alone in this phase.

Well, Bubby is in the trash for the millionth time, so I will log out.  Just wanted to say I am here. I am functioning. :)

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