Monday, January 10, 2011

January weekends and MM 379-392

 I love the weekends, which may sound strange from a stay-at-home-mom, but it means The Hubs is home on Saturday and Sunday evenings (and days), and therefore I still appreciate the goodness of the weekend.
And even though I am not teaching again this year, I still appreciate the goodness of the snow day.  So for all my teacher friends, I am saying a little prayer for one this week - as long as the snow doesn't happen while The Hubs is driving to and from his clients around the area. And as long as the snow doesn't bring ice. Or power outages. Or both.  Basically the snow needs to follow the rules my friend has given it. ;)
Yes, the simple things in life bring me joy - weekends, snow days, a renewed excitement of consistently getting into The Word, and the ice cream bars in my freezer that are calling my name, taunting me, but the resolve to avoid eating one.
Other things that bring me joy:
379. Friday night movie night on the couches with my three favorite guys
380. getting out of the house and to PG class this morning
381. John chapter one - I keep wandering back to it - grace upon grace, the right to become children of God, became flesh, dwelt among us, full of grace and truth, grace upon grace
382. wild baby hair that is as soft as a baby chick's fuzz
383. Bubby attempting to give his baby brother the binky
384. dog who gets up to check the baby each time the apnea monitor beeps
385. Bubby big enough to attempt toddler nursery today - but not quite ready to handle it, so back to infant nursery
386. playing blocks with my toddler

387. napping with baby on my chest
388. speakers who challenge and encourage all at once
389. the call to pray - for the orphan, the widow, the broken-hearted - and the reminder that He still answers
390. Great lasagna and a-maz-ing cheesecake made by The Hubs' friend's wife for us this week - and the thoughtfulness of the meal
391. sister-in-law coming by two evenings last week to lend a hand
392. (from a distance this morning) seeing friends who prayed for a baby walk into church with their baby girl

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  1. even when your kids aren't in school, the vibe is different on weekends. I get it.


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