Thursday, January 6, 2011

january 6 - imperfect prose

It has been awhile since we've talked.
Even longer since I just sat and listened.

So I stopped picking up toys, putting away laundry, checking Facebook...
I set aside my questions, my worries, my frustrations
And I just sat.
With You.

I did not need to hear Your voice right now.
I just needed to know Your Presence.

And for now that is enough.
You are enough.

linking once again with Emily and the imperfect prose community


  1. This is a good reminder, I try so hard to hear sometimes that this was a good instruction on how to just be still in his presence! The peace of His presence is enough and He loves and cares for us. :-)

  2. you are enough. yes, Lord. you are. ((i so needed this today. thank you))

  3. i love those stolen moments (why so few?) where we realize how much we need Abba's lap. and he's always there, and distraction-free.
    i also need this reminder. i'm glad He gave it to you!

  4. I needed this reminder... thank you :)


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