Saturday, January 8, 2011

dairy queen no more

Wink/Bug/Mac2.0 ..whatever we are calling him has been having spit up/poopy (or as my cousin Michelle likes to hear me call it, PO-PO) issues for a week now.  So last night I tried him on soy formula throughout the night and early this morning.  He seems to be doing better with that. 
But I don't want to have to use soy formula if I can help it because
a) I nursed Bubby for a year
b) I believe there are health benefits often times to nursing - for example Bubby has yet to have an ear infection and he hasn't had too many illnesses
c)nursing is very easy for the middle of the night feeds wants the baby knows what he is doing
d)formula is expensive
e)soy formula smells bad

The research I've done the last day or so says that most babies really aren't lactose intolerant - as that is something people develop later in childhood or young adulthood typically.  However, preemies sometimes do not produce lactase(?) like term babies... it can take awhile to develop.

for the next few days I am cutting out as much dairy from my diet as I can.  And I LOVE dairy products and foods that feature dairy as their main ingredient.
But I want to see if cutting it out/greatly reducing it will help the digestive issues of the wee one.  And then after some time I can gradually add it back in to see if he can handle it as he gets older.

If this doesn't work, I will be talking to the pediatrician and most likely be switching to soy/bottle feeding. :(

*Side note: Just because I am pro-breastfeeding for me/my babies doesn't mean I think everyone has to do it.


  1. i'm praying that cutting out dairy works and that you'll be able to breastfeed as long as you want. *hugs*

  2. Hi hun, it's Liz (nightblindness from xanga). I nursed Jack for 13 months and had to cut out all dairy (I also had to cut out soy, gluten, egg, nut) for awhile until his digestive system matured. You can feel free to email me at eacpb82 at gmail with any questions or if you need any more info but I wanted to give you some encouragement. The first few days are hard but eventually you get into a routine and you don't miss it at all. Honest. I thought it was going to be torture because I love dairy so much but it really was easier than I thought. Anyways, just wanted to offer you some encouragement. I know how tempting it is to stop nursing and of course I support whatever you decide to do, but know that I am here for you if you need any tips on cutting dairy and sticking with it! I was so excited to make it to 13 months nursing Jack even with the challenges of giving up so much food those first few months.

  3. I hope it works for you, because I know that you want it too. However, I do want to encourage you if you do have to go to formula route. All of mine have had to go that route shortly after birth (I have production issues) and they have been very healthy children. Only ONE instance with ear infections/pink eye with the oldest and ONE instance with pink eye with number three. Two and Four have had no issues so far. We have been blessed.


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