Monday, January 24, 2011

birthday blessings and MM 393-

While I was away last week, I had my 30th birthday.  It was low-key because I was in IL visiting my family with the boys, and it was stinkin' cold and snowy there.  When I returned home to MO, my heart was warmed.  Waiting for me were several birthday cards with sweet notes, some of which made me cry, and financial gifts to put towards our medical bills.  Some people, with their own medical bills they are paying off, gave and I cried.  People with their own kiddos to provide for gave and I cried. A card from my best friend made me cry.  A card from a family friend that has known me my entire life made me cry.  Basically every piece of mail made me cry.
Thank you, friends and family, for your kindness and generosity.  You made my day.

Giving thanks today:
393. birthday blessings
394.time with family
395. Bubby walking better and better each day
396. taco pizza
397. step-sister who changs diapers
398. birthday nap
399. checking several unpleasant phone calls off my list today
400. toddler and newborn that travel from MO to IL and from IL to MO wonderfully


  1. Happy birthday again! I'm glad you got a second wave of love upon returning home. Now watch some Bachelor tonight!

  2. happy belated bday! i turned 30 recently myself (ok, well back in august...sheesh, that was fast). i'm loving it so far, and it sounds like yours has started splendidly if a bit teary!


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