Friday, December 3, 2010

progesterone and more

I have gone two Wednesdays without my progesterone shot.  The high-risk doctor, when he talked to me in the hospital last week, indicated that it could be up to me if I continued taking the last few rounds (since I was being put on meds now to stop contractions I think).
Can I just tell you that I *almost* feel like my old self again?  I have a love/hate relationship with the extra hormones.  I am very thankful that they have kept Mac2.0 cookin' as long as they have.  I did not like the emotional roller coaster I felt like I was on somedays.  It is nice to not just randomly start to cry for no reason.
I think The Hubs is thankful that the hormone shots are done, too.
So a few weeks of "normalcy" before postpartum hits.  Enjoy.  :)

*also  - I am 34 weeks today! Each week feels like a huge accomplishment, though I have started having a recurring fear (dream? vision?) of having this baby at home.  Today I realized we were down to one clean bath towel in the house, and I had visions of a 9-1-1 operator telling The Hubs to get clean towels only there were none to be found.  So I did a huge load of towels today.  They are folded and ready to go.  Hopefully we will not need them as I became a big fan of the epidural with Bubby. :)*

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