Sunday, December 12, 2010

the positives of the NICU experience

No matter the length of time or the reason for a NICU visit, it is never a good feeling to be there.  Our journey there so far with Mac2.0 is less intense (since he did "cook" for five more weeks than Bubby), but there are still ups and downs, still worries about the "what ifs," still the guilt an sadness of leaving the baby there each night, still the disappointment of not having the normal bringing baby home experience.
But there are a couple of positives that I am able to see more clearly this time around.
The medical staff at our NICU is fantastic.  The nurses are skilled and compassionate.  Those we knew from our time there with Bubby have been so sweet.  There is an additional doctor and a nurse practitioner in the NICU now, and I have been highly impressed with their knowledge, decision making, and bedside manner.  We know without a doubt this time that our little guy is an excellent care.
The other positive is the outpouring of help, support, prayers, kind thoughts, and love from our friends and family.  My parents and stepmom were able to rush down and be here this week.  My brother and sister-in-law have been extremely helpful with Bubby care.  My sister-in-law deserves an award.  our California, Illinois, and Iowa family members and old friends from college and childhood have called, left messages on facebook, texted, and have asked their friends (strangers to us) to pray for our little boy.  Our church family has surrounded us with prayer, even people i do not know that well.  I have even had an ex-aunt (formerly married to my uncle) send me a very nice message stating how she is thinking of us and praying for us.  You know who your real friends are during times like this.  And we are incredibly blessed.

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  1. congratulations! i meant to write you earlier, but my youngest pushed a button and i lost the link to your site, so i had to wait until you posted again. but...i have been praying for mac 2.0 and for you. i will continue to pray for you. in other news, the other mom i was praying for also had her babies this week. i found that interesting. :) *hugs* and prayers!


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