Tuesday, December 14, 2010

poopy day - literally and figuratively

It was a poopy day in the NICU today.
We had to deal with a difficult nurse.  Very difficult.  I called this morning, first to talk to her, and then when that didn't give me the info I needed, I talked to her boss.  That made things better and worse in some ways.  So she was going to be assigned to Mac2.0 tomorrow - but The Hubs called up tonight and talked to the person in charge tonight to see that such a thing wouldn't happen.
And thankfully we are back to a wonderful nurse tonight.  And it turns out I went to college with her sister-in-law.  We were on the same floor one year.  And this nurse was once again very helpful and caring both with me and my child.
But there has been blood in baby's poop today (we didn't find out about it until our night nurse told us -- grrr).  So far there are no other warning signs/symptoms of something bad, but they will be watching it tonight and also consulting the docs.  When Bubby was in and this happened they took him off his feeds for a few days.  This is an AWFUL HEART-WRENCHING experience to watch your baby cry about his empty belly and not be able to do anything about it.
PLEASE PRAY that the poop issue resolves itself, that it is nothing serious, and that Mac2.0 will not have to be taken off of his feeds. 
It is a lonely drive home at night from the NICU when you get bad news.  When Bubby was there, The Hubs and I made those drives home together, but now with his work schedule, I made that drive alone tonight remembering and praying and trying to hold myself together.
But we know there are people lifting us up in prayer.  We are so thankful for our family and friends who are doing that for us.  It is the only way we could make it through our journey last time and again this time.  Prayer brings peace where it would otherwise be absent.

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